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How do I book with you?!

Go to my contact page on this website you are currently on. Fill out all the info and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours!

Do you give back raw photos?

That's going to be a no for me. I believe that what makes my work valuable is the art and time that gets put into the editing process. From start to finish I seriously put in my all!

When will we get our photos?

Within 2-3 weeks! It all depends on how busy I am during that time and what kind of session you booked with me. Although, sneak peeks are delivered within 24-48 hours of your session!

About Me

Hi I'm Maddie!! I'm the girl behind the camera (says every photographer ever). I just graduated from Rigby High School and I have passion for crafting art through photos . Since I was young, I was constantly trying to create my own work using my dads old camera equipment. Having the opportunity to be able to work with YOU is seriously what 13 year old me has dreamed of. I hope we get to work together soon!

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